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Elementary English Course

The Elementary English Course is designed for working professionals who need to communicate in basic English language in a natural corporate environment. The curriculum focuses on conversational skills as well as common uses of English in a natural business environment.

Comprising of modules, designed for Speaking Fluency, Listening Skills and Reading Techniques, the course aims at effective communication at workplace for both the local and foreign professionals of different backgrounds.

Integrating basic linguistic skills of English with practical usage and reading efficiency, we aim to help build confidence in our students and to facilitate their communication in their workplace.


  • - Speaking English Basics: Greetings, Daily Conversations
  • - Office Environment: Introductions, Emails, Phone Calls, Meetings
  • - Common Expressions: Phrases, Sentences
  • - Listening Basic Listening: Daily Dialogues
  • - Office Listening: Dialogues, Presentations
  • - Reading
  • - Grammar I: Nouns, Pronouns, Articles, Verbs, Prepositions
  • - Grammar II: Sentence and Its Structures
  • - Vocabulary: Basic, Office
  • - Documents Reading I: Emails, Applications 10 Documents
  • - Reading II: Articles

Conversational English for Adults

The Conversational English Course is designed for adult learners of English that focuses on developing oral skills for use in everyday life. Learn about basic oral communication skills, essential for daily conversation with friends, colleagues and families. Gain confidence in common topics of discussion and understand the nature of language fluency and articulation in speech.


  • - Formal and informal greetings
  • - Common expressions and idioms
  • - Basic daily conversations
  • - Topics: relationship, marriage, family, lifestyle, entertainments and sports
  • - Office conversations
  • - Topics: news, economics and policies.

Conversational Chinese for Adults

The Conversational Chinese for Adults is specially designed for adult learners of Chinese, including locals, expatriates and individuals who possess an interest in the Chinese language and culture. Taught by native Chinese speaking tutors, students will master how to recognize and produce the sounds of Mandarin developing naturally and be able to engage well in Chinese more effectively at both working and social settings.


  • - 正式及非正式问候语
  • - 常用表达方式及俗语
  • - 基础日常会话
  • - 话题:情感,婚姻,家庭, 生活,娱乐,体育
  • - 基础办公室会话
  • - 话题: 新闻, 经济, 政策

Computer Programme For Beginners

Computer Program for Beginners is designed to equip students with the fundamental skill of basic computer knowledge and usage.

Students are introduced to computers, the basic terminology, the Internet, keyboarding and basic productivity applications. They also learn how to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets.


  • - How to start up and shut down systems
  • - Organize and save files
  • - Connecting to printers
  • - Basic word processing program
  • - Basic keyboarding
  • - Connecting to the Internet
  • - Use of browsers and search engines
  • - Setting up email accounts
  • - Brief on Internet security

Basic Accounting For Adults

Learn how to manage and understand the important aspects of accounting or book keeping. The Basic Accounting course, specially designed to help beginners in business professions, or adults keen on learning the accounting principles, simplify all difficult accounting terms into clear explanation under professional guidance of qualified tutors.

Learn about data transformation in accounting system, management of documents, including preparation of balance sheet and income statement in the Basic Accounting course. Learn how to prepare simple accounts before setting them up for business management.

Summary of Topics:

  • - Getting to know the different kinds of business structure
  • - Learn the accounting equation and the accounting process
  • - Have a better overview on what is Double Entry – the most important module in accounting
  • - Interpret debits and credits
  • - Develop the general ledger and general journal
  • - Necessary Reports: How to Prepare Company’s Statement of Financial Position, Trial Balance and Income Statement
  • - Bookkeeping Methodology: Have a clearer insight on what your accountant is doing and how they usually organize their documents

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