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Nanyang Curriculum Programme

Nanyang Curriculum Programme is a designed programme specially crafted by the Nanyang group of experienced tutors in the Planning and Development Department. The programme was tailored according to the latest MOE (Ministry of Education) syllabus.

We aim to provide a wide spectrum of learning objectives and emphasize on the importance of building a strong foundation in every subject. The Curriculum Planning and Development Department also advocated a systematic approach to lessons planning taking into consideration the desired outcomes of education for our students in each level as well as the national emphasis.



(4-6 years old)

Kiddy Writastic

Studies have linked early literacy with the future academic success in children. Based on the concept in the facilitation of children’s development and education,

The Preschool Programme, designed as a learning base curriculum, aims to acquire early learners a strong foundation of language awareness and literacy skill from young.

Statistically proven to set the stage for later school success – Improve speech and cognitive skills, and builds memory!



Kiddy Mathology

Setting the foundation for future life skills - Kiddy Mathology is designed to provide preschoolers the basic skills that build up the advanced mathematics taught in primary school.

Learn elementary mathematical concepts and terminology in a fun and interactive small group setting. Master application skills in number sense and addition, and stimulate sensory and memory through pictorial analogies and games.

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Student Care Program

PreSchool & Primary

(5-12 Years Old)

Nanyang Student Care Centre provides after school care services for preschool and primary school children, aged 5-12 years old, with no alternative childcare arrangements at home.

Assisting full-time working parents in providing peace of mind care-taking, we offer a safe and conducive environment, where students can establish a nurturing foundation for character building, growth and independent learning.


  • - Provide daily supervision and coaching of school work
  • - Encourage independent study
  • - Cultivate good learning habits
  • - Develop problem solving skills
  • - Fellowship with friends
  • - Celebrate important events together


Bukit Purmei :  62716161Tiong Bahru :  62207884

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Integrated Enrichment Holiday Program

We also offer periodically, a choice of Integrated Curriculum Program as enrichment incentive. Students get to learn through play and step up in their critical thinking, analytical, linguistic and writing skills in their studies.

Integrated Enrichment Holiday Program

  • - Learn through Fun
  • - Thematic Explorer
  • - Reading Club
  • - Piggy Saver Workshop
  • - The World Beyond

Super Junior Program

  • - Junior Writastic
  • - Junior Mathology

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Engineered Creativity in Robotic Set Up. Engaged in Critical & Inventive Thinking Skills

Recommended for students who are interested in translating Ideas into working prototype and love to Investigate, Explore & Refine Program.

Primary, (6-12 Years Old)

  • - WhizKids @Robotics (6-10 Years Old)
  • - Coding @Robotics (9-12 Years Old)
  • - Robogenius @Science Explorer (7-12 Years Old)

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Primary School

(Primary 1-6)

The Primary Syllabus is based on the Curriculum Framework and emphasizes the need for a balance between the acquisition of knowledge, process and attitudes. We recognize that each student has different starting point and at Nanyang, we provide differentiated methods and strategies to support every student in his/her learning journey.

English/ Chinese/ Mathematic/ Science

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Secondary School

(Secondary 1-4)

The Secondary Syllabus reinforces and builds on the students’ fundamental skills, concepts and critical thinking skills. We create a culture of exam savvy students who are skilled in application techniques, time management and independent problem-solving skills.

Students are consistently stretched and challenged with a wide range of higher-order thinking questions for the attainment of academic excellence.

Chinese/ English/ Literature/ E. Math/ A. Math/ Principle of Accounting

Combined Science/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology

Junior College

(JC 1-2) Mathematics

Junior College Mathematics focus on the application techniques and aim to enable students to acquire mathematical concepts and skills to prepare for their tertiary studies.

Students will learn to understand and apply mathematical concepts and skills in a variety of problems; Formulate real-world problems mathematically, solve the mathematical problems, interpret and evaluate the mathematical solutions in the context of the problems; Reason and communicate mathematically through making deductions and writing mathematical explanations, arguments and proofs.

(JC 1-2) General Paper

General Paper aims to develop in students the ability to think critically, to construct cogent arguments and to communicate their ideas using clear, accurate and effective language

The syllabus is intended to inspire students’ maturity of thought, independent thinking and the proficient use of language. Fostering a critical awareness of continuity in the environment and the world that one lives in, and appreciating the interrelationship of human experiences and ideas across disciplines, the students learn to develop maturity of thought and the application of critical reading and creative thinking skills in their work.

We aim to develop in our students, evaluation skills in arguments and opinions and to promote extensive and independent reading and research.

(JC 1-2) Physics

The Physics module is designed to provide students with a coherent understanding of energy, matter, and their interrelationships. It focuses on the application technique of using patterns, models, principles, theories and laws to explain the physical behavior of the universe.

We aim to expose the students with a wide variety of learning experiences designed to promote acquisition of scientific expertise and understanding, and to develop values and attitudes relevant to science. Coupled with effective strategies and problem-solving skills, Physics concept can be easily understood and conquered!

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Career Primary Creative Writing(Eng/Ch) BUKIT PANJANG +65 67676161

Gallery Secondary Guaranteed Programme BISHAN +65 66854663

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Conversational English Computer Programme

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