Zhao Jia Lei


Hi, my name is Jia lei. I am a student at Anderson Primary School. I am hardworking and my
teachers in school always complimented on my good behaviour in class. I was always attentive in
class and I dutifully completed all my school work every night.

My greatest challenge was English. It hovered at band 2 and refused to go any higher. Finally, my
mom was frustrated. After some research and good recommendation from her friends living in
Ang Mo Kio, she decided to switch me from my previous tuition classes to Nanyang Education.

At Nanyang, the teachers identified that I was weak in my essay writing skills. I did not know how
to compose a good story. I did not have enough power words in my “bank”. I lost a lot of marks
in my test. My vocabulary … simply could not make it.

Within 2 MONTHS, my English went from BAND 2 to BAND 1!

I could not believe my eyes! I was shocked when I received my test paper.