Matthias Poo Kai Jun


I am studying Physics in Nanyang. I got to know about Nanyang tuition through recommendations
from a friend.

The problem I faced in Sec 3 was that there were many students in my class. Most of the time, I
was playing with my friends in the class and so I didn’t really study much in Physics. Due to that,
at the end of Sec 3, I got a sub pass.

I was driven to go to Nanyang for tuition because I heard that the student-teacher ratio was very
small. It was true that there were only one teacher and 3 students in my class. This was excellent
for me because the teacher was able to customize his teaching according to my weakness.

At Nanyang, the teachers are very patient. When I do not understand anything, they will make
sure that I understand every element of the topic first before moving on to the next. My tutor
always encourages me whenever I didn’t do well in any exams. He regularly follows up with my
exam results to ensure that I was improving in every lesson. He makes sure that we always revise
even after the tuition by giving us papers to do when we were at home.

With the help of Nanyang tuition, I was able to score A1 for my O-level which was a five-grade
jump from C6 compared what I got at Secondary 3!