Ng Wei Yong


I was studying at Nanyang from last 6 years since Primary School. Initially I was always addicted
to electronics and modern gadgets … the latest gizmos …; Easily distracted; Felt lost at times, not
sure what to do. Stress … not sure how to manage my time well …

At Nanyang my teachers are so patient with me, helped me with my studies and school work and
guided me in my learning path. They set time schedules for me to focus on my studies, taught
me how to achieve my goal and get the result I wanted by staying away from all distractions. They
shared with me valuable exam tips and strategies and taught me how to answer different types
of questions. I am very thankful to all my teachers!

Science, from C5 to A1
A. Maths, from B4 to A1
E. Maths, from B3 to A1

My next target is to achieve A1s for all my subjects!