Preschool Programmes

Nanyang Preschool Programme

Design for Early Learners in Cognitive Development & Knowledge Learning

Nanyang Preschool Curriculum was developed for the early learners in mind. It was designed around the core concepts based on early childhood psychology and mental development theories. We believe that young kids have the ability to reason and understand the mental lives and intentions of the people they associated with and interacted with.

We see how early childhood experiences are so important to lifelong outcomes, how the early environment becomes embedded in the brain and changes its architecture.

Dr. Andrew S. Gartner, PhD


Why Choose NY Preschool Programme?

Guided Instructional Learning Environment through Innovative Platform

Multi-Sensory Experiential Learn-Through-Fun & Explorer Activities

Integrated Modules to Promote Cognitive Progress in Independent Discoveries & Creativity

Enhance Higher-Level Thinking & Skills Development for Primary School Entry

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Junior Writastic

(5-7 years old)

Research has shown that young learners, acquire and develop their reading and writing skills mainly through three domains: Conceptual / Procedural / Generative Knowledge. 

Junior Writastic Programme, designed as a learning base curriculum, aims to acquire early learners a strong foundation of language awareness and literacy skill from young. It integrates the functions of writings through a meaningful interpretation of factual information, drawings and stories in communication.

Children also learn the basic linguistic skills of identifying alphabet codes, words and sentence forms, oral and dictation skills.

Statistically proven to set the stage for primary school entry and later school success.

Junior Mathodology

(5-7 years old)

Setting the foundation for future life skills – Junior Mathodology is designed to provide preschoolers with the essential skills that build up the advanced mathematics taught in primary school.

Young learners are encouraged to challenge their imagination and experiment with mathematical concepts and codes through project learning and sensory-stimulating games.

Children will learn to master application skills in number sense and addition, and stimulate sensory and memory through pictorial analogies, building projects and challenge quests. The lessons will be conducted in a collaborative, fun and interactive small group setting.

Join us for periodic holiday excursion camps for more exciting Mathematical and Scientific Discovery Tours and Expeditions!

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Nanyang Preschool Programme

Available at all Nanyang Education Centres

  • Ang Mo Kio
  • Bendemeer
  • Bukit Panjang
  • Bukit Purmei
  • Sengkang
  • Sembawang
  • Tiong Bahru

Student care programme

Nanyang Student Care Centre provides after school care services for preschool and primary school children, aged 5-12 years old, with no alternative childcare arrangements at home.

Assisting full-time working parents in providing peace of mind care-taking, we offer a safe and conducive environment, where students can establish a nurturing foundation for character building, growth and independent learning.

Student Care Enquiry Hotline

Feel free to contact us at any time and ask any questions. We are always open for any suggestions and collaborations.

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