Primary Level

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Chinese

Pri 1-6 (1.5 Hours / Lesson)

A systematic approach designed to train the mind & to develop the student’s capacity to process key information for logical & critical analysis of abstract & physical concepts. 

Differentiated curriculum designs centred around the application of heuristics techniques & the problem solving of complex higher-order questions.

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Pri 1-6 (1.5 Hours / Lesson)

Teaching pedagogy based on knowledge acquisition & scientific processes.

Identify predictable exam question types, & learn quick strategies & shortcodes to master challenging open-ended structured questions.

Mastery of literacy and linguistic skills in English competency as a first language in communication.

Gain knowledge research on current affairs & develop a sharp mind in critical thinking of in-depth questions.

Modular approach with an emphasis on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing & Interaction skills.

Bridging modules are available for the student who require reinforcement in additional coaching.

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